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What exactly is HCG and how much does it relate to weight loss?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin also known as HCG, is a hormone that females normally develop throughout pregnancy to assist the development of the unborn infant. The results of HCG were examined in an analysis of females who experienced intervals of hunger throughout pregnancy to discover why their little ones were born with healthy birth weights. The analysis revealed that HCG can reduce a body’s metabolic set-level and will manage how your body metabolizes deep fat. For the females in the analysis, HCG assisted them and their infants in obtaining appropriate nourishment throughout pregnancy by supporting the brain in using and burning fat successfully.

So how could HCG help me slim down?

HCG will help ordinary individuals – even males – slim down by activating the same effect inside the brain. In other words, you may reproduce the same healthy advantages encountered by the females in the review by minimizing your calorie consumption and including HCG to your eating plan. By limiting your calories and consuming small amounts of HCG, you are able to burn body fat and lose fat quickly. This technique enables you to slim down without deteriorating any of your body tissue – you'll only lose weight!

HCG Diet Process

To be able to obtain success and lose fat easily, it is significant to adhere to the HCG diet process. The diet needs a pretty limited daily calorie consumption to be able for you to successfully burn your long lasting fat stores. The appropriate calorie consumption will change from one person to another. While we suggest a 500 caloric diet for maximum weight loss, you may successfully slim down with a eating plan of as much as 1,200 calories daily. Your best calorie consumption will differ based on your exercise level and natural metabolic rate. This eating plan might appear challenging, but among the incredible advantages of HCG is the fact that it minimizes your hunger and enables you to operate normally during the diet. Along with minimizing your calorie consumption, it is usually essential that you stay away from specific foods – this and various crucial guidelines are all described in the online guide which comes free with each order!

Is the diet program safe and successful for men?

Yes. Actually, men commonly lose just as much or even more weight compared to women on this diet. This can be for the reason that men usually have a higher BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) as opposed to women. This indicates that they normally burn more energy than females, often because of men possessing higher muscle tissue than females and other elements. HCG is presently utilized to treat men for other disorders – it is actually FDA authorized to treat males for Hypogonadism. Basically, the HCG eating plan is risk-free and incredibly useful for men!

Are you promoting “Real HCG”?

Real HCG is limited and is just offered via a pharmacy using a Physicians Prescription. The truth is, anybody who promises to sell “Real HCG” with no prescription is in breach of regulations. Having said that, you will discover generally two forms of HCG offered non-prescription for people who want to purchase it with no prescription. The first that you can discover is known as a “forerunner formula”. You are able to obtain this in GNC or Walmart or various suppliers. The issue with this solution (apart from the point that it doesn’t work) is it tries to induce your body into developing the HCG Hormone. Whilst in concept this sounds wonderful- in reality it has unsuccessfully generated the preferred results. The second form of HCG would be the solution we've been utilizing for over ten years. Our solution continues to be as successful as Real HCG since we have discovered methods to “copy” the strength structure of HCG onto a colloidal mineral water base. When consumed by mouth your body will identify it as HCG. Since we often utilized a solution that failed to include the hormone HCG we failed to make any adjustments when the FDA began controlling the hormone. This is certainly a tested and true formulation that has endured ages with countless individuals who have accomplished their weight loss targets utilizing our product.

So have you been selling real HCG?

No. Anybody selling genuine HCG is disobeying the law. We happen to sell an innovative natural variation of HCG which is shown to be equally safe and efficient as the real thing – at a considerably lower price. Genuine HCG is to be offered only by a pharmacist utilizing a legitimate prescription from a certified doctor. PremiumHCG is an outstanding substitute since it saves you cash on the product as well as on the physician’s visits.

The reason why Premium HCG is better?

Not just have we been supporting individuals in losing weight safely for several years, but we've also worked closely with physicians who make use of HCG to cure their patients and have invested over ten years developing the most beneficial HCG accessible. Premium HCG utilizes innovative technology to imitate HCG in our Alcohol free solution. This innovative technology enables us to offer “prescription energy” HCG which is pH balanced and also effective. Over time we have put together strategies and transformed formulas to also offer assistance for your thyroid along with adrenal glands so that you feel normal when on our product. Our solutions are entirely safe and constructed here in the USA in an FDA examined facility. You will discover our Customer Assistance is the best- we provide phone, email, or chat assistance for you when on your diet.

The HCG Diet Encounter

How should I take HCG?

PremiumHCG is actually a liquid formula which is very easy to take. You will find a dropper inside every bottle. Put 10 drops beneath your tongue three times daily (but you are able to utilize it as much as six times daily) before your regular mealtime. For maximum results, consume the drops approximately 30-45 minutes prior to each meal. When you begin feeling hungry, include additional doses within the first warning of hunger for a maximum of as much as 6 doses daily (10 drops each dose).

For anyone who is feeling hungry, it indicates you have to process more fat, and you are able to accomplish this by consuming extra drops. Whenever you take a dose, permit the HCG to dissolve under your tongue for approximately 1-2 minutes- then consume anything which was not consumed.

How much weight could I expect to lose?

The response to this concern differs depending on your body, metabolic rate and exercise level. Effectively adhering to the appropriate HCG diet process, the majority of our clients lose about one pound daily. When you manage an effective lifestyle and your metabolic rate is on the better side, you can lose up to 2 pounds daily.

Will I experience hunger on this eating plan?

You could possibly encounter hunger whenever you are first beginning the lower caloric diet in the course of what we refer to as the “transition stage.” This hunger must subside by the 2nd day, so you must feel that your body is operating normally from that period forward. When you keep encountering fatigue or hunger, it could be due to the fact that your body requires more HCG to assist you in processing more fat and increase your energy. When you encounter this, you are able to maximize your everyday doses of HCG to 4- 5 daily.

Are there any adverse reactions of this diet?

A common known complication of HCG Diet would be constipation. In case you encounter this during the diet, it could indicate you're not ingesting enough water so you ought to maximize your intake. When you are on the HCG eating plan, it is suggested that you consume at least 8-10 glasses of water. This tends to support your body process the digested fat and reduce your symptoms.

Will I continue to lose weight if I have 600- 1,200 calories daily?

For optimum results, it is suggested that you adhere to the diet process of 500 calories daily. On the other hand, we have witnessed many clients maximize their caloric consumption to 1,000 or more calories daily and continue to lose weight. The perfect everyday caloric consumption will differ for each individual, based on exercise levels as well as natural metabolism.

Medical Inquiries

How can it be safe to consume just 500 calories daily?

HCG is supporting your body in making up for your low everyday calorie intake by accessing and processing fat stores for energy. It indicates along with your calorie consumption, your body is adding to it with an additional 1,500 or more calories gathered from fat stores. The reason why the HCG process is effective is straightforward- the HCG interacts with your brain to obtain fat stores for strength therefore minimizing the level of calories you have to eat.

Must I seek advice from my doctor when I'm utilizing HCG?

We always advise speaking with your Physician before any dieting, particularly if you experience heart condition, diabetes, or some other important medical issue.

How many I.U.s does your solution include?

10 HCG drops consumed 3 times every day = 2.1mL or 2.1cc

This quantity (2.1cc) is equal to 125 I.U. of prescribed HCG

When You Purchase

Precisely what does my purchase contain?

With each purchase we offer a Quick Start Manual along with the publication by Dr. Simmoen “Pounds and Inches” and that is his published review demonstrating the impact of HCG on overweight individuals. Each will appear in your email through a hyperlink to our online PDF. We never mail copies of both so you should be bound to download them once you obtain the link.

How can I get Assistance if I require it?

We have numerous assistance solutions for you- you are able to reach us by telephone M-F 9am -5pm CST, or perhaps you can email your concerns to us using our contact us pagen. We'll answer as promptly as possible. If you want instant support we have a customer support chat solution on our site.