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Which to Choose: hCG Shots or hCG Drops?

 Among all of the diet plans out there, the hCG diet has received a lot of acclaim and flak at the same time. Though, the hCG diet does give noticeable results, but that is because of the amount of dedication you have to have when you are on this diet.

The main bulk of the hCG diet is centered on two key things: a very calorie-restricted diet and taking the hCG hormone every day for the next couple of weeks. Some people are okay with injecting themselves with the hormone, and some are not.

Because of this, supplement manufacturers scramble to create hCG diet drops instead of the hCG shots. Now, what is the main difference between the two? Most, if not all, hCG drops are homeopathic versions, which means that there are no more traces of the real hCG hormone left in the final product. That is just the process of Homeopathy.

But, the supplement manufacturers claim that the weight-loss effects of the original hCG hormone remain intact in the final solution. And some people do report that they still lost weight from using hCG injections to hCG diet drops.

Now, the question remains: which should you choose? We have to look at it objectively. We will have to look at what critics and people, in general, have to say. Critics advocate that only hCG injections are the preferred choice should you follow the hCG diet. They say that hCG diet drops do not contain the real hCG hormone, and thus, it gives shady results.

On the other hand, people who have tried the hCG diet drops claim that it still does what the original hCG hormone does. It still suppresses the appetite, it still helps them lose weight, and it still helps them preserve muscle mass, all while they’re still on the diet program.

It is really kind of hard to discern isn’t it? So, how do you ultimately decide on which hCG variant you should choose? I think it just boils down to preference really, since both sides have presented their cases and both of the side know that either of them works.

If you are okay with injections and needles, then you can opt for the real hCG injection. If, on the other hand, you are very afraid of needles, then the hCG diet drops would be the best alternative.

But, just a few things to remember when buying either the hCG shots and hCG diet drops. First, research on the manufacturer you are going to buy the hCG diet drops or injections from. Make sure they are reputable, and opt buying from manufacturers that have money-back guarantees.

Second, look at the reviews. If reviews came from real people, then it is probably a really good one.

Lastly, even if you buy either of them, you need to have the willingness and determination to push through with the hCG diet till the end. As previously mentioned, the hCG diet is one of the most effective diet plans out there.

So, which to choose? It is up to you; it all just boils down to preference.